Express Entry

We recommend you consider saving your resources, and not engaging counsel to take complete carriage of your immigration matter, because there is a significantly less expensive alternative. 

First, proceed to the website maintained by the Department of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship and Immigration to see if you are eligible to apply. The URL is 

If you are eligible to apply, the next step is to create your personal profile. The URL is: 

Hopefully you will receive an “Invitation to Apply” within a few months. If not, contact us to review your personal profile to see if we can find a way to increase your points. If we do, we will invoice $35 and GST. No invoice if we don’t. 

If you do receive an “Invitation to Apply” we can take care of your Express Entry process. Your case becomes our case, and is professionally managed from beinning to end. You would send a copy of your supporting documents such as your language test, reference letters proving your work experience; your diploma, etc. You would also be given three IRCC forms that we will send you, so that we can get the required information for the Express Entry process. We then take care of the data entry in your case into the IRCC Express Entry system, and update your material whenever there are changes. 

We assist with your immigration process until a decision has been rendered by IRCC in your case. 

Our approach is based on the theory that you receive professional advice to maximize the chance of a favourable outcome. Our approach fits the majority of “Express Entry” applicants. 

Our approach also helps to deal with personal stress. The absence of predictability and control of the Express Entry system will often lead to personal stress. Our approach is designed to help people through this process. We are always available by e-mail, all the time. 

Our legal fees are $800 and GST if there are no complicating factors in your case such as a family custody dispute, criminal conviction, or a previous visa refusal. We can still help if there are complications (just contact us). 

Search the internet to discover all your options. Think about what will work best for you. 

E-mail us if you have questions: