Can you help us to obtain permanent residence status in Canada? How long will it take? How much will it cost?

For individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada, we believe most applicants do not require legal assistance when there are no medical, criminal, or security issues, complicated immigration situations, or previous negative applications.

We recommend saving your resources and not engaging counsel to take complete carriage of a person’s immigration matter. The website maintained by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration should provide all the information required to apply for and obtain status in Canada. Please note that having an immigration lawyer will not make the process ‘go faster’.

Being truthful and accurate with your information and documents is the best way to ensure a successful application.

Our role is to review, and advise.

Our philosophy is that in the majority of cases, people just need the professional advice to ensure that the application kit is well-prepared, and to answer questions before and after the submission of the immigration application kit to the processing post. Most people do not need any more than that.

We believe people can take care of their immigration paperwork themselves (filling the forms), and that people do not need to pay lawyers to do that.

We have people go to the website maintained by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, to download and complete all of the forms to the best of their ability, after they have successfully completed the self-test that is on the website, and only after they have determined that they qualify for a Canadian permanent residence visa. Then, the person sends us their completed forms for our review by e-mail, fax, or regular mail. Copies of supporting documents, such as letters of reference, birth certificates, passport, educational documents, etc. are sent the same way. We then review all of the material to ensure compliance with Canadian immigration requirements. After that, there is a lot of ‘back and forth’ on the e-mail circuit until the application is ready for submission. We communicate with the person exclusively by e-mail.  When we are satisfied that the person’s application kit is complete, the person will upload their complete application kit for processing.

We follow the file throughout the immigration process until the decision is received from Immigration Canada.

Our legal fee is $800 (CDN) plus applicable taxes (5% GST), payable by e-transfer, credit card, or cheque. Our legal fee is not requested unless we believe that in our professional opinion the person has a reasonable chance to attain Canadian status, and only after we have reviewed the application and supporting documents.  The “$800” choice works for people where there are no medical, criminal, or security issues, complicated immigration situations, or previous negative applications.

For those who want our office to take complete control of their application for permanent residence, we can help. We complete all the forms for you, guide you through the journey, and take control of the entire immigration process. Contact us for an estimate of legal fees based on your particular case. 

Use the internet to discover all your options!   Think about what will work best for you.

E-mail us if you have questions: Lexbase@canimmigrate.com